Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dynamic Photograph with Still Life Lighting

Make a Still Life Lighting is the main factor in photography to produce a dynamic image which has more mood, interest, and closer to the context. Some tips that can help you to get a Still Life Lighting in each time photographing a subject.

-Smooth and simple backdrop. As a beginner can try to get a simple background and keep a smooth backdrop, so it will not distracting with your subject.

-Fokus to lighting contrasty. The main lighting is made stronger than the second lighting by setting the appropriate ratio between the use of strobes, speedlights, or LED’s, so it will be able to simply provide a nice fill.

-Use Side light. Its always perfect for creating texture and dynamic variation of the highlights and shadows that ultimately will give dimension and depth to your still life imagery.

-Use light for shape. An image with three dimensions is more alive and dynamic so it can bring the audience into it. Lighting for shape will be most emphasized by side light, when your highlights spread along the edge of your subject and add that 3rd dimension.

-Experiment with your Angles. after you make the arrangement the lights to subject, then the next thing you should notice is the direction of your subject to your camera. Do some various angles when shooting to the subject ,so that you can get a good perspective.

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