Sunday, October 24, 2010

Photographing Textures on Various Subjects

A good texture photography is a shoot result that can bring audience to feel the surface of a texture image even if only by looking. How to get a texture images from various types of subjects ?

The following different types of subjects you can shoots toget a texture photography :

-Wood and Leaves textures
A large tree will have a lot of good texture of the bark, the inside of the timber cut and texture of its leaves. Texture of a wood usually made of a very artistic form so it attract many photographer to reveal it.

-Wall and Bricks textures
An ancient wall or the ruins walls former usually displays chunks of bricks with a rough texture that creating a patterns and symmetrical shapes. Try to shoot them in bulk or up close for different perspectives.

-Stone textures
Various types of stone have their unique texture. A subject of harsh texture, smooth, broken and stone walls have a strong texture that you can come up with an interesting side.

If you want to explore other objects that might produce an interesting texture images as well as metal, fabric,rope and paint. Texture of a badly rusted iron, coarse fabrics, ropes rough and old paint peeling are attractive alternative to a texture photography.

Photo by Claire Woollam’s

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