Friday, September 16, 2011

Texture as a creative form of photography

Another form in a shape and pattern that we could say as a creative form is a way to present photographs that will clarify the appearance of texture. Furthermore, the texture itself will be able to give the impression of more real because of the effects of 3-D images displayed by a subject.

The emergence of a texture can be derived fro
m a variety of ways such as by enlarging the image subject or approach, for example when we want to take a texture of the leaf. When the subject is so great, then we should take the texture of the subject from a distance.

One of the most important thing
in the presence of the texture of a subject is the influence of a light. Light has important role to bring the texture formation in a photography. When the light on the surface with a low angle, then the texture will be very clearly appear. When the golden time, it's best time to shoot a texture, it's will be at dusk or sunrise.

The size of our success in presenting a texture is similar to the p
attern. Textures in different types to look wide of the boundary image. We must be able to bring the image texture that can bring a picture viewer could almost feel the texture when they touch the image.

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