Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tips for taking photos in black and white

Black and white photography is the most interesting aspect of this art that is inspiring and it hobby or passion. And 'rough and refined, natural and unusual, mysterious and clear, emotional and impassive, simple and complex, white and black. The monochrome photography was born, but what was once a technological limit today is something much deeper.

When shooting in black and white, our pictures can not rely on an essential element in terms of visual and emotional, the color, then
have to ask for help from other compositional elements of nature. Here are some tips for getting the most out of black and white photography.

A professional photographer in black and white can easily observe the world without color. It 's basically used to capture the contrasts and tones without the distraction of color variations.

Of course it is a skill that can not be acquired overnight, but it is something that is learned naturally over time until you are what we might define the "monochromatic vision" of the scene.
The first essential step is to exercise our brain to this view, and what better way to do it except through the practice? Take pictures in black and white for a month and you will realize how you will improve your ability to

The black and white photography, is composed of white, black and all shades of gray in between.
The human eye is a machine designed to receive two items from the world of the senses: the intensity of light and color. If we remove color, increases our sensitivity to light (as a blind person develops other senses so powerful).
We are able to perceive with more attention to areas of conflict and improve understanding of the differences between elements of the frame.

Use the contrast is therefore essential to focus the viewer's attention on the elements of composition and to highlight or hide more or less important areas of our shot. In addition, digital photography has the advantage (disadvantage for some) can be altered with software like Photoshop, which with the tools such as "levels" "curves" and mergers level allows us to get different results from our photographs, allowing us to work also on portions of the image without affecting the rest.

photo by: David James Williams & whoops vision

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