Thursday, October 20, 2011

Force balance in the composition

In this online photography course I would like to introduce you to succeed is another method with the photo you aesthetic compositions. I call this design principle the "balance of power".

It is natural that the human eye when viewing an image automatically searches for a certain balance. This probably corresponds to our natural understanding and the quest for harmony. If the eye is this balance, a photograph seems to us aesthetically.

To make the principle of balance of power in photography understandable, makes you look best in front of a scale. If they are on both sides of the scale equal weights, the scales are balanced. Move at different weights must be the greater weight closer to the center of the scale or move the lighter weight further out. In physics, we would speak of an equilibrium of forces, and the lever principle.

In a photograph of the image correspond to objects of our weights, which ideally are in equilibrium with each other. With a harmonious balance within the photo, the image objects can be either a symmetric or an asymmetric equilibrium.

Symmetrical balance
Of a symmetric equilibrium is when for example there are two identical objects in a photograph of each image to the left and right.

Asymmetrical balance
In an asymmetrical balance you have to deal with different sized, heavy or sharp objects within an image photography. This should be a balance of forces described above, the physical laws are aimed at - that the said laws of levers. I.e. by clever positioning, large image into smaller elements into a harmonious balance to be brought.

Since symmetrical photographs from the viewer are often perceived as boring is to create, especially the asymmetrical balance of this exciting photographs. To find such a balance as a photographer in real life, one needs of course a lot of feeling, experience and a trained eye.

On the other hand, sometimes just those photographs seem to be particularly interesting, where exactly this balance of power is not available. The eye searches for it and because it can not be found, considering the image may be particularly extensive.

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