Sunday, January 8, 2012

I want to be a wedding photographer

Today we find so many people who want to become a photographer, and often attracted by the glamor, the "ease of market entry" and the illusion of "easy money" and they decide mainly for weddings.

Some just quit my job and use their compensation to buy the equipment, put the camera in the neck and ready, "has become a photographer."

Very well, but the thing is not as simple as it seems, or as some think it is ....

Before becoming a wedding photographer you need to answer yourself some very basic questions before deciding to take the plunge this world:
- You have a photographer?

The fact of buying a camera and learn basic photometry and go around doing some pictures of the sunset does not make you a photographer. To shoot a wedding before all you need to know shoot (super logical is not it? But unfortunately not many people have this sense).

Yes, it may be obvious, but many do not know do not even use the camera in the manual, does not dominate your equipment and barely knows the difference between ISO, shutter and iris.

Before venturing into a marriage, you need to study hard, because in a marriage can not ever go wrong, it will be nice to lose the photo of the kiss is not?

If you only shoot in automatic mode, the flash plays straight and can not even select a focus point, you need to study, and much ... Participate in photographic output, do workshops, and if you can find a good photography school to become professional ...
- You like and know how a wedding?

Most of all you have to like weddings (you ever seen a sports photographer who hates the sports world?)

Shooting weddings is a delivery is to give the engaged, get involved in the life and story of a couple and two families.

Every marriage is composed of key steps that define the story and pace, and know when this will happen every time with precision, will help you get ahead in the records and nothing will be overlooked or "in shock".

Frequent some marriages, study, seek workshops, read some books on wedding photography, all this will help you prepare.

- Ease of relationship you have with people?

If you are too shy or are intolerant of people, photographing weddings will not be your "beach" because it will not be a cool fight with the filmmakers or decorators is not it?

The wedding photographer must be prepared to shoot under pressure and deal with the nervousness of the bride and everyone involved. You will be more time close to the bride than any other professional, and sometimes even serve as a "psychologist" to calm the couple when something goes wrong.

- You already have a 2nd photographer? (You can shoot it all yourself)

When I started photographing weddings, I came to commit the folly of shooting 3 weddings alone (yes, call me crazy), but thank God that I recognized the risks he ran. For if you fail at some point, the second will be there to cover. So, hire another photographer experienced in weddings and do a beautiful job and safely.

- You already have a good computer for editing and a backup system?

Editing photos on a computer Xing ware, with 1GB RAM, 160GB HD LCD monitor and the Xing-Long 14 ", will be tricky, so invest in a good editing equipment, and I am talking about iMacs I'm talking about at least a good PC with a good monitor and external hard drive.

Never put off backing up the next day, so get serious event files on the PC and a DVD or external hard drive urgently ... read this e-book on up and see the different ways to do it.

This article is not a single truth, much less a rule, are just some of the difficulties I had when I decided to get moving, because there was no one to teach and is a bit of what I have seen some who still want to enter the market, and share it with you will help a lot to prepare before facing reality.

I think I would rather leave some basic rules to be a good wedding photographer:

    Breathe, live and love photography;
    Engage body and soul into every wedding you shoot;
    Be ethical with its competitors;
    Be authentic with your customers;

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