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Fujifilm X-Pro1 with innovative Image Sensor

Fujifilm introduces it first camera system the X-Pro1, the ignites a quality fireworks. The picture quality is on par with professional full-frame DSLRs. It costs the X-Pro1 significantly less than the top cameras from Canon and Nikon.

Fujifilm launches unusual in the new camera system. Neither there are different models, is still the only available particularly favorable. Around 1,600 euro you need to plan for the body alone.

fujifilm x-pro1

X-Pro1 with innovative Image Sensor

16 megapixel APS-C triggers the sensor on - it sounds first once not spectacular. But Fujifilm planted the X-Pro1 a new image sensor is a proprietary, which dispenses with the low-pass filter. That should bring more clarity, but carries the risk of aberrations in the form of moire patterns. Which is designed to counter a new sensor design, where else a Bayer color filter, a red, one blue and two green sub pixels together to form a square, combines the "X-Trans-sensor" 36 sub in a more complex pattern.

X-Pro1 provides the best image quality

The quality of the images demonstrates the success of self-development: In laboratory measurements, X-Pro1 is the total self-image score from DSLRs with large full-frame image sensor. Even at ISO 3,200 the highest in the evaluation of incoming light sensitivity.You can see fine details very well. Image noise is very low, moire effects inconspicuous.

The laboratory reported a maximum resolution of 1,705 line pairs per picture height. This sharpens the camera slightly, because starting from the sensor resolution are the number of line pairs more than mathematically possible. Until 6,400, the resolution drops to only 1,493 pairs of lines, a fantastically sharp result. Similarly, strong looks to the detail, starting from high level decreases with increasing ISO speed only slightly. The image dynamics provides a good result: between 10.7 (ISO min) to 8.3 (3200) f-stops, the X-Pro1.

Noise is not a problem: It was not until 6,400 when the interference pixel exceed the 100 percent view of the critical perception of the screen border. X-Pro1 is very good marks in the visual assessment, as the top DSLRs Nikon D4 or Canon EOS 5D Mark II, many sample photos from the laboratory and practice.

fujifilm x-pro1 review

To launch three fixed focal lengths

The connection to the lens produces Fujifilm about the fully automated X-bayonet. Stand ready to boot three lenses, all fixed focal lengths (18mm, 35mm, 60mm macro), you need to take into account between 580-630 euros. For this you get a fast lens in a metal case with rings for focus and aperture. The system does not provide camera. What appears, however, after mechanical hand is in fact transmitted electronically and implemented by small engines, in the case of the aperture in fine-thirds exposure levels. Other objectives are to follow, even including 2012, a zoom lens with image stabilizer.

System with a hybrid camera viewfinder

The X-Pro1 offers an optical viewfinder and a large electronic display. Digitally, you will see a sharp enough resolution preview image in color, as they will have the recording. At twilight, however, interfering with a slight lag with movement, visible in the dark noise. But you can switch to visual representation. Then you see your subject in size and always clear. The camera adjusts automatically to enlarge the 18mm and 35mm lens. At the 60mm lens with an electronically limited to projected viewfinder frame the shot. The camera also uses overlays to provide information on current settings. Even the deviation of the auto-focus close-ups in the field can represent the camera. The sum represents the hybrid viewfinder is an immensely practical help, unique among interchangeable lens cameras, and usually only found on the X100. As an alternative image control, there is a 3-inch display with very high resolution (1.23 million sub-pixels) with additional white sub-pixels, resulting in a first-class and bright display.

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