Thursday, March 1, 2012

Some Reasons to Use Canon G1X

Do you have a DSLR and want to exchange for a compact?

Everybody has talked about changing. It's just an increase in the collection of kit equipment, tools, etc. I know I have a good DSLR of Canon T2i with a very good objective that serves me well. But in the fact, sometimes I just do random photos without being spending my DSLR. Every DSLR has a useful life. How not to gain and still photography. I do not feel comfortable giving to my order before the shutter time with pictures that should not give me financial return, I want a compact.

But not any one compact, of course. Both for the reason that I am already quite demanding in terms of quality as the reason that I know that now days there are already several very interesting compact with a level of quality, in terms of image, diaphragm openings and so on. Will, as explicitei in the title, a Canon G1X. Why, indeed, the whys, I'm going to tell them.
1st reason: It's small and lightweight.

I have major problems with the size of my camera and it is very annoying to go. For example a site like Catimbau Valley and stay with it's back or slung over it's shoulder, even if only with the 50mm and flash attached on top. No flash is much lighter, but still annoying to go in hand, because although a bit heavier than G1X. It's anatomy has not been made to carry back and forth without stopping several times to be raised and used. Holding always down to just under the toes with the weight.

So do not pick up a bridge camera-type. For this reason did not dare to take a camera and a Sony NEX-5 with a 18-55 lens somewhat disproportionate to the body.

OK, but why not take a compact type over a compact simple / humble?

Other reason is control

Self-respecting photographer who seeks to have a modicum of control when you click an event, a test or in casual clicks. If you do not like the typical photographer who claims that your camera is bad, your camera "is not up to snuff" or "it's pretty hard to hit well in the photos at night / fireworks / with the person moving / other reason. "

I speak not have full manual mode (although G1X, as well as the Canon G12 and other compact type have), but a modicum of control is always far better than clicking a point-and-shoot that only lets you to zoom. If you want to do something more "increased" as regular EV has to access the camera menu and find where is this feature. It is clear that the vast majority of people get tired before you find what you want, if it finds .

Yeah, but I also have a bridge control, and a great zoom, or even a micro four thirds (eg from Panasonic G series) or a top compact Nikon ...

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