Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Canon admits problems with the 5D Mark III

It is increasingly common for cameras come with any technical problems to the market. Either that, or is that it is becoming easier for the user's knowledge. The last to do so is the EOS 5D Mark III. Canon has issued a statement acknowledging that the camera has a problem of light leakage. What happens basically is that the light from the LCD of the camera (talk about the top screen, not the rear) generates incorrect measurements in automatic exposure.

Apparently the problem is particularly evident in very dark environments. In the words of Canon, "extremely dark." Fortunately, to avoid this problem simply do not turn the LCD backlight, but it's worth spending thousands of dollars in one of the best cameras on the market and having to worry about a seemingly silly problem like this.

We imagine that Canon will have already taken up the matter to correct the defect in the production chain that does not affect future units of the 5D Mark III camera, but to be seen if you what to with those cameras already in the stores or have already reached the consumer. By the time the Japanese firm has not explained how it intends to act. Everything suggests that this is a problem of internal design of the EOS 5D Mark III, which unfortunately did not think you can fix with a simple firmware upgrade.

In recent years there has been high-profile cases of manufacturing defects. The Canon EOS 7D, without going any further, had problems with the continuous shooting mode. Was the most notorious of the EOS 1D Mark III, with serious focus. The Leica M8, meanwhile, had problems with color management and some units of the Olympus μ Tough 6010 is sold with a virus.

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