Friday, May 18, 2012

Sony NEX-F3 with favorable NEX system camera

Sony NEX-F3 release

Finally, Sony equips a favorable NEX system camera with a flash. But this is not the only pleasant surprise of the NEX-F3: No other DSLR camera system, or less than €1,000 shoot beautiful photos.

The Sony-alphabet follows a logic unfathomable to outsiders - how else can we explain that follows on NEX and NEX-3-C3 variant NEX-F3? But much more exciting than the naming of the new technology is the entry model in the NEX system.

Excellent image quality

Sony uses an image sensor in the large APS-C format with ultrasonic cleaning. The resolution stays the same for almost all NEX cameras at 16 megapixels. However, the sensor is to take the next evolutionary stage reached. That's right, tell our measurements, because the picture quality sets a new record, even if only very thinly against the more expensive family member NEX-5N and the Pentax K-01.

The NEX-F3 offers light sensitivity between ISO 200 to ISO 16,000. The maximum resolution is up to and including ISO 3200 between 1300-1400 pairs of lines per picture height. Only in the still higher sensitivity settings, it drops slightly. The detail in image areas with fine, low-contrast elements, Sony always better under control - but this is partly at the expense of a visible sharpening and thus leads to increased color contrast. Only from ISO 3200 to capture subtle elements to blur. Sample photos of all ISO levels, we have shown in full resolution in the photo gallery.

Noise is in full view on the screen for the first time in at ISO 3,200. When A3 expression only when you have to order the 12,800 Interference pixel. The image dynamics fully convinced: Between nine and ten stops to ISO 1600, then slightly sloping. The color accuracy, we evaluate a delta E value of 9.1 as well.

You can save photos in JPEG and RAW. As the media takes advantage of the NEX-F3-XC either SDHC or cards as well as the more expensive Memory Stick Duo.

Sony NEX-F3 rumors


The NEX-F3, Sony offers an introduction to the series system camera in which you no longer have to compromise. Finally, the NEX has got a built-in flash. The picture quality is convincing across the board and has to hide from any DSLR camera system, or less than €1,000. An established, comfort-oriented operation maintains Sony. At launch, the price seems quite high, it will yield experience, but quickly.


The Canon EOS 1100D DSLR is a classic with a bulky case compared to the NEX. For this you have also an optical viewfinder available and you can select from a virtually infinite number of compatible lenses. We evaluate the image quality with very good video but there are only HD-ready resolution. When the price Canon is on top: Already under 400 euros, you get the EOS 1100D with 18-55mm kit lens.

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