Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Midday Shooting to Get Textures on a Photo

The light settings and angles to shoot in order to create a texture in a photograph is a very important thing. we can use natural light sources or from light to highlight a texture of the subject which we will shoot with a certain angle.

Special time such as at dawn or dusk is usually able to help us to get perfect lighting because a lower angle of light that will makes shooting the subject become easier even in subject face. But we do not ignore shooting at midday as they were also able to produce something else, especially relating to highlight the texture on vertical surfaces.

As an example we will be photographing an old building at midday heat. The roughness of the walls of the building could highlight a small shadow of light along the wall that will add real texture and a point of interest for many image, this possibility can not be obtained in the photographing at dawn or dusk.

photo by rarcarman

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