Monday, August 9, 2010

Photography in Different Weather

One advantage of photography art is because they can take a piece in every situation even worst situations such as weather. Some tips to get the best results when taking pictures in different weather.

Sunny Weather

You can take pictures during the morning or evening. If you insist on taking pictures in the middle of the day then try to close and focus on details and avoid the shadow too. The various ways to avoid the midday shadows when photographing such as wearing a towel above the head to block the sun.When capturing a close up flower and then you can turn your back on the sun and shade the subject with your body. A handy reflector can double as a small but useful shade and also set the white balance.
Another option is to use a reflector and flash to fill in the shadow and make sure the subject is not lost in the shadows.

The Rain

It's good when you wait a little light appears after the rain subsides and the colors are saturated and textures magnified and then a polarizer will exaggerate the effect. The macro and abstract shots will make an extraordinary photograph when the rain such as in shooting spiderwebs or roses that are buds. Don't forget to always provide the equipment to protect your gear, such as
plastic carrier bags and elastic bands.

When the Snow

One to note is that cold air will directly affect your camera battery. Do not forget to provide battery backup and keep the warmth with your body temperature. If you want to edit the image use manual white balance, RAW mode and bracket exposures.
The snow scenes can look jaw-droppingly emotive in black and white, but they can also look dazzling in colour too. Just switch your white balance to ‘Cloudy’ to add extra warmth to the scene or opt for ‘Sunny’ to cool it.

Overcast Days or Dull

You may wish to consider black and white images emotive, and it will be very strong if there is a canvas of snow on the ground. Use a tripod and a small aperture to keep the entire scene crispy. Increase the ISO can helps to counteract the lack of light and likelihood of shake.

Photo by Cuba Gallery

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