Monday, September 6, 2010

Easy Ways to Make Photography Better

One way to improve your photography results is by focusing on planning and decision making when taking shot. What tips can you do for this purpose ? The following photography tips that will make you into something you do not think.

-Use wide lenses for landscape shots
The use of wide lenses will create the broadest possible impact of the size because a larger angle of view compared with other types of lenses.

-Made the subject of a detailed and sharp
The sharp picture and detail will be able to attract the attention of viewers, especially on the subject. For this you can use a tripod in low light conditions. Next use the new sharpening effects in Adobe Camera RAW for a great job.

-Set with good background
A background would be a great effect on the results of shooting a subject. Consider the audience in the focus of what we want and as much as possible the background that does not make a mess, clean and simple.

-Make a friends with the sun for a good outcome
Every great shots will always use a sun behind it. You will be standing in front of the sun with the sunlight that falls on your subject.

-Silhouettes and Light Trails
The background plays a key role for a silhouette, lit background. Simply place your subject in the foreground so that you have clean, sharp lines and go for it. Play with placement and angles to make awesome silhouettes.
For a light trails you can shoot it when its dawn and night urban. Shoot it when a lot of vehicles with lights on is a lot of passing so it can add interest, mood, and drama.

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