Saturday, September 25, 2010

Use Longer Focal Lengths for Best Landscape Photography

Shoot pictures of landscapes is very perfect if we use a wide angle lenses, especially to get dramatic wide vistas. But you will be able to get a more effective way by adding a longer focal length lens in those over-photographed locations where images can end up looking a little cliched.

Shooting with longer focal length will also add a little variety in your landscape photography. They’re also great for capturing patterns and layers on the horizon that often go unnoticed in landscapes shot with a wide lens. It will also work well to capture the patterns and layers on the horizon that often go unnoticed in the landscape shot with a wide lens.

The simple way to apply the shots with longer focal lengths is to use the aid of a tripod to help strengthen when there is camera shake or movement. You can also consider to use a remote shutter release. With a longer lens, it will become more noticeable.

Photo by kwerfeldein


GoldenOne said...

What is a longer focal length?

xenang's said...

Focal length is the number on the lens,for examples a 28mm, 50mm lens, a 100 lens, etc. The higher the number, the longer the lens, and the subject will appears closer.

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