Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Never Miss a Golden Opportunity Shooting

A golden opportunity to capture a major event you've always wanted to immortalize sometimes just disappear because of limited time and unpreparedness of yourself or your equipment. Maybe some of these tips can help you to not miss the golden opportunity for your photography moment.

Prepare equipment such as cameras and photographing equipment as needed. Try you use a camera bag that could easily take the camera quick access. Preparation of cleaning the camera will include front and rear lens elements to minimize the spots or clean your camera sensor. Then do the pre-set of your camera's settings for the type of subjects you intend to photograph.

You better take filters off your lens as necessary before heading out and if necessary you also remove the lens cap so that the camera is always ready to use, but also note the security of your camera lens. Also provide more than one battery is fully charged, so ready to be used for continuation of the camera work. In addition also provide the CF card in your camera is empty or has a lot of empty space.

To prepare yourself is to stay focused at times when events will take place with the camera is always ready to position your hands or your hands to be ready on your camera bag. Hopefully the tips can help you capture important moments in your everyday events.

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