Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Get a Beautiful Photography in Coastal Areas

Beautiful scenery along the coast are so many amazing things large and small contained therein. Any ideas you can do to get the beautiful landscape picture to art photography in the coastal areas.

Note the horizontal position of coastal

Straight line on the coast can be placed in half of the frame or also by applying the Thirdway technique to obtain an images with more of pictures highlight of the foreground or the sky. But one thing to be aware if you follow the rules to make a horizontal line completely horizontal on your frame.

Enrich the picture with the foreground and the reflection

Add subjects to the foreground of your image can add another interest your image. You can find the foreground with a lump of rock or stone pool in front of the beach. Do position variations when shooting such as quite lower and use a small aperture to get the focus of foreground or background. Get a reflection to enrich your image when its sunrise or sunset.

Makes blurry images of moving subjects to add interest and atmosphere to ocean view

To do so you can slow the shutter speed and use the aid of the tripot to the stability of your camera. This way you will get a fine picture of small waves misty.

Detail a subject for another idea

Focus to one of the other little things around the sea like sea shells at the water's edge, the footprints of animals in the sand, a small wild flower that grows in the hills or patterns in rock formations. You can use your macro lens.

Image by Garry

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