Friday, February 25, 2011

The Benefits to Return to JPEG Format

Today professional photographer will usually prefer to use raw mode when shooting using their DSLR cameras to produce RAW file formats. But using the JPEG format will always give more value in addition to ease of editing offered by the RAW files.

Some things you should consider to use JPEG format other than RAW.

-One of the advantages of a JPEG format is speed. You can use it when shooting continuously and JPEG formats can be quickly saved to your memory card. This will support you to get the perfect shot and minimize loss of your shots.

-Most of the work has been done by JPEG. Supported by a sensor that makes JPEG files already good contrast and focus.

-JPEG can be directly printed to be used without having to convert a raw file in your computer. This will support you who do not have time for a RAW file.

-JPEG is more space-efficient. JPEG file is a compressed file that would be less use of space in your camera's memory card. You could consider to use JPEG format when you only have little storage space while you still have to shoot some of your subjects.

Hopefully some of the reasons JPEG excess above could be an idea to improve your shot results. You may also still have to use RAW format to choose almost editing and control of your shot images. You can maximize your image with the format that suits to your style.

1 comment:

Daryl L. Hunter said...

Faster, yes, better no! I find this advice irresponsible.

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