Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Travel Photography Keep Safe Your Camera Gear

Often when we're doing a travel photography in various countries we have various problems such as criminal theft or mugging of our camera gear. If you are worried about it maybe the following tips can keep your camera gear in order to remain intact until the home again.

-Use camera bag that is not flashy or new
Thieves will usually be quickly drawn up with something striking which he considers very valuable and expensive. It will be better if you always use an inconspicuous bag or if necessary use the old bag or other than a camera bag. Try to always carry your camera bag in front of you.

-Keep one eye open while shooting
When we are shooting a subject usually one of our eyes used to look to the target while the other eye will be a little closed. This will make us complacent about the situation around. Keep one eye open.

-Going with friends is better
The more friends around us will give a feeling of security to the situation around. This will eliminate the anxiety for us so that we can concentrate more with our subjects.

-Prepare some memory cards as backup
When saving your image will be better if its not stored all in a large capacity of memory card . It would be better stored in some memory cards so that in case of theft we still have another one.

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