Friday, May 13, 2011

Get full control of your autofocus

Instability of focus position when using the autofocus sometimes make us annoyed. The following are some tips to keep using autofocus but you still can control it like when photographing landscapes that require a quick focus.

The first tip is to set autofocus point to the center spot and point it to the focus you desire, and then activate your autofocus by pressing and holding down the shutter button half-way, recompose your shot and then snap the photo by pressing down the button completely.

The other way is to use manual focus after autofocusing. It would be better if you use a tripod. Switch on your autofocus then focus on the right spot, then immediately switch off the autofocus on your lens to manual focus. The lens will keep the current focus. This way will useful when you're taking multiple exposures from the same spot on landscape photography.

The third alternative is to use a back-button autofocusing on the back of the camera. This way allow you to fully control your autofocus because you have to press the button first to activate the autofocus. Regular camera will autofocus when you press the shutter button. To find out how to enable back-button autofocusing on your camera, please review your manual or custom camera functions. Although there is no clear label on your camera, you can try to change the settings of different buttons on the back of your camera, such as AE lock button.

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Ian said...

I have a new Computer with Windows 7.
It does not recognise my Canon 350d when I connect it.
So this is what you need to do.

Remove all camera software from the computer.
- Press the MENU button. {ON YOUR CAMERA.}
- Find the option COMMUNICATION, in menu.
- Set this option to PRINT PTP
- If you now connect the camera, Windows should recognize it, and you should be
able to download pictures.

Hope this helps with those who own a Canon Camera and upgrade to Windows 7.

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