Saturday, June 4, 2011

Simple tips to get a creative motion blur

Getting a creative motion blur from a moving subject should consider every movement of the subject even though only a small movement, slow or subtle. The following few simple tips to get creative motion blur.

-Select a longer shutter speed to maximize the sensor to a subject's movement
In this position the shutter will be open longer for the opportunity of a motion blur. To get the proper shutter speed must be adjusted to the speed of the subject and the existing light. The faster the subjects moved the longer shutter speed settings. It also depends on how much the blur you want. Preferably using a digital camera for more opportunities to experiment.

-Put the camera on a tripod to get steady
If you are photographing a moving subject, to get a good frame you can use a tripod to avoid camera shake. You also can experiment by moves your camera rather than subjects to get a motion blur.

-Switch to shutter priority mode
Use the mode that allows you to full control of your shutter speed. You can use the full manual mode or shutter priority mode for setting shutter speeds and other settings such as aperture. Use the manual mode if you are more confident with right balance of aperture or shutterspeed.

-Set your camera ISO lower when there is excessive light
One way to cope with excessive light when shooting moving subjects is to reduce your camera ISO value . The lower ISO will make your camera image sensor less sensitive to supporting your longer shutter speed.

-Photo by Idle Type

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