Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Know the function of parts on your DSLR camera

Maybe you are one of the owners or users of DSLR cameras and have used it for some time for your photography, but do you already know the function of each part of your digital SLR camera so you can utilize them optimally?

DSLR (digital single lens reflex) has one lens, where the reflex mirror inside the camera will go up when you press the shutter button and in times the image sensors inside cameras will record an image. Here are some parts of the DSLR camera and its functions.

-Eyepiece and viewfinder
Eyepiece is the base for our eyes while looking into the viewfinder. Viewfinder actually using pentaprism or pentagon shape that which is above the optical path through the lens to the image sensor plate. When you release the shutter button, then the glass will pave the way for the light directly on the image sensor.

-Flash, is the light used to help us in taking photographs in the dark.

-Image sensor, is a sensor that used to process and capture an image present in a camera.

-Hotshoe, is a holder for the external flash, usually located in the middle of the camera body.

-Lens, serves to focus the light to be able to captured by the image sensor. The lens has some characters such as wide, macro, tele, tilt, shift and fish eye. There are three rings, are the focal length ring(for variable type lens), focus ring and aperture ring.

-Lenshood, serves to reduce excess light as the impact of flares and protect the front lens surface. The use hood that does not correspond to the lens series will cause vignetting or black spots on the sides of the tip of the resulting images.

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