Thursday, June 23, 2011

Litro offers perfectly focus photos with its light field technology

Litro will develop a new technology called light field technology that will help users to get perfect photos in real time by offers the ability to focus the image after it has been taken. Technology works by capturing the entire light rays in a scene (Light field) to get a perfect focus of the photo.

Litro which was established in 2006 aiming to break the world of photography by presenting technology that can support the photographer to get a better picture. Light field cameras is expected to be a start of picture revolution in photography.

Technology also can produce unparalleled speed, living pictures, photos in low-light sensitivity and an immersive 3D experience. From now the camera will be primarily software products as happened in the phone industry as a technological transformation. Unfortunately, the company has not clearly announced when the product will be launched.

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