Thursday, July 28, 2011

Enjoy photography around your home like a travel photography

To get an idea as well as interesting subjects in your photography without having to travel, you can get some interesting thing around your home and it's will be something other than just photography while traveling.

One thing that needs to be underlined that the art of photography is not based on the sophistication or completeness of the equipment used in photography. But the focus in a photography is about how good a photographer saw a subject even though it is a simple subject. A photographer should give more attention to a subject by looking at the underlying form of what is actually there.

Here are some ideas that might increase the area of ​​your sight while doing photography around your home:

Stand on your favorite places and notice something that catches your eyes
There must be something going on either a stationary or moving subjects around you. You can see into the trees, saw a small animal to fly or walk or look on your table that there is an apple or a cup of coffee. Give a little more time to pay attention on something interesting which catches your eyes from various angles and perspectives. You can consider color, shape, and the uniqueness of the subject

Note the existing lighting
Lighting is an important element in photography because it can form a photographic or even vice versa. The best time for natural lighting is at dusk or dawn. All you have to consider such as the light, the subjects highlighted, as well as shadows that may occur. You may also be interested in the reflection of light on a subject which raises interesting colors, such as reflections from leaves exposed to water.

Look above you
There are many things above us like the sky, roofs, treetops, as well as ceiling. Try to look to the sky which always has a different cloud shape , or consider something on the ceiling such as lizards, fan, etc.

Go to your kitchen
When you go into the kitchen of course our goal is to vegetables or food. Vegetables such as carrots or cabbage, foods processed or prepared foods will have a variety of colors as well as textures. Take photos of subjects which interesting you, according to your taste. Happy to be creative in your home.

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