Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Taking pictures with the iPhone using Snapseed

Taking pictures with your iPhone or smartphones is now a true photographic art. Until recently the resolutions and the quality of mobile devices were rather low and the end results were good as a souvenir picture and nothing more. But in recent times, largely thanks to the introduction of the App on the smartphones of mobile photography has taken over, or maybe they are phones that have taken hold of the photograph.

One of the latest App photographic output on the market that is enjoying increasing success Snapseed. An application developed by NIK software, software company famous for the eponymous suite of programs dedicated to professional photographers.

The main feature of Snapseed is to create a vintage effect of qualisasi pleasing image. Through a graphical interface very pleasant, you can set different effects worthy of the best photo editing software, applying textures, changing the tone of the pictures, checking conflicts, etc.. You gain complete control of photography. Everything at your thumb. In fact, the method chosen to apply the settings to the photos is very simple: it is sufficient to slide your finger across the iPhone screen without having to move levers or lower case using the names incomprehensible controls. It 's easier to try than to explain!

Really simple app that can make unique and attractive photographs. The possibility of intervention on the images are almost endless and allow you to always have the final results differ from previous ones.

Snapseed is available for both iPhone and iPad. As reported on the site of NIK Software best results in terms of performance and speed are obtained iPad 2 and 4 iPhone, but I personally have tried Snapseed also on older devices, and there is absolutely no reason to complain. The App is great and really fun and easy to use.

The list of controls you have available includes grunge mode that will allow you to give the photographs a tone very similar to photographs that are abandoned in attics, colors washed out and very pronounced vignetting, or you can have fun re-creating effects by applying the Polaroid-style Vintage filters. If you love black and white do not have to do is use the black and white filters, or if you like strong contrasts and determined the effect that more suits you is drama.

If you are interested in seeing some pictures made with Snapseed,you willl find thousands of pictures in the official group on Flickr: Photo Share Snapseed.

At this point you just have to connect to iTunes and buy Snapseed to 3.99 euros.

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