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Aesthetic image subdivision with the Golden Ratio

In this online photography course is described as one creates in photographs, by sharing a balanced picture, aesthetic and harmonious compositions. It is shown how the so-called "golden section" as an aid to the aesthetic image subdivision.

Aesthetic image subdivision with the golden section

Certain objects within a photograph divide an image into different areas, even if not everyone consciously perceive this effect. To achieve a balanced overall impression of the situation must be properly proportioned image subdivision. Guidance on how the photographer for the painter is the golden ratio. Where the painter has the advantage of his image to be able to make free and does not depend on the circumstances of the real world.

With the golden section, a harmoniously proportioned image subdivision are described by numbers. The golden ratio is essentially the ratio of two routes to each other. The distance ratio is about 1,618:1 and is denoted by phi. In words, describes the bill as follows:

Two sections make up the ratio of the golden ratio if the larger to the smaller behaves as the sum of the two larger ones.

If 'a' is longer and 'b' the shorter path is obtained the equation

(A + b) / a = a / b

The golden ratio for image subdivision apply

If you want to share a photograph with the aspect ratios of the golden section, one simply divides the height and width of the photo with the number Phi - that is, by 1.618. This gives the length of each major section.

If you for example a photo with dimensions of 80mm x 60mm is the division of edge length ratio of about 50mm: 30mm to (because 80mm / 49mm = 1.618) and the high edge ratio 37mm: 23mm (because 60mm / 37mm = 1.618).
The picture below shows the breakdown in the relationship of the golden section:

At the intersection of the subdivision can eg prominent objects in the photo are. On the dividing lines can be for example the horizon. Or you position objects within a certain range, defined by the division lines.

Here I have tried a few photographs on the basis of the circumstances of the golden section to compose:

Of course you can not run around as a photographer constantly with a tape measure. You have to try to get a feel for the harmonious image segmentation with the circumstances of the golden section to get. With practice, this should be possible.

Who wants to analyze his own photographs or works of art on the basis of this subdivision may use the below attached image file. It is a transparent 'GIF', in which the dividing lines are drawn. You have just put the image file on an image and can thus analyze their own photos and, if rightly cut;-).

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