Sunday, October 23, 2011

The horizon in the photograph

One of the essential design possibilities in a photo is the placement of the horizon. If the horizon is in the middle, or rather the top of the image in the lower area of ​​the photo? In this tutorial I want to thank all who want to learn to make sophisticated photographs, give some tips and tricks for placement of the horizon in photos.

Placement of the horizon in photos

If you want the photography are about to learn or improve your skills, you may have already read the instructions on the aesthetic image subdivision on this site. If yes, then you already know that the horizon is the most common form of image subdivision for photos. The horizon divides the image simply by the fact that he (usually) represents a relatively straight horizontal line. The effect of the horizon as an image divider becomes more dominant, are the less image objects on the photograph. For additional direct image objects from the distant horizon.

The subdivision of a photograph is an important design element, which lets you can make photos appear aesthetic. Guidance on the positioning can be the golden ratio. If you want to learn more about the rules of the golden section, you read most of the mentioned instructions for the aesthetic image subdivision.

But not only the golden section gives us a clue how we position the horizon in a photo at the most optimal. The image objects, the environment, the landscape, the sky, etc. give us the opportunity horizon to a specific position set. One should always first think about what makes the photo interesting. What image objects produce a special effect and relevant.

E.g. , an unusual constellation clouds look especially impressive. This makes it advisable the horizon in the lower range (eg in the lower third) to position, so the sky and the clouds back into focus. If in the area, however interesting structures or objects lying on the ground, the horizon should be more positioned at the top. In the event that for example the sky and the ground with a good photo opportunity arise, possibly also the central focus of the horizon in the photo is recommended.

However, it should be noted that photographs in which the horizon is located in the upper third of the photo, look for the viewer rather unusual. There's filled with the soil in this case the largest part of the image is obtained as the viewer the impression zublicken from above. When you look straight ahead, the horizon is naturally more in the lower range of our vision. Accordingly, work photographs in which the horizon is in the bottom of the image, the image viewer and more natural.


If you shoot certain motifs, one should also note that the picture viewer aware of the objects under gravity subordinates. This means large image objects subconsciously press down - even horizontal lines like the horizon have this effect. If you want to satisfy this quest for gravity and balance, you should therefore place great photo opportunities too dominant in the lower area of the photo.

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