Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Create textures from photos

Who is active in the artistic field of digital art or simply generated graphics (whether as a hobby or professionally), is often on the lookout for suitable textures. Textures can also be used as 2D, 3D graphics for both. However, it can be very tedious to create your own textures or paint themselves

A texture is at first a 2-dimensional graphics, you simply add a picture (no matter what format, gif, jpeg, etc.). In practice, textures are used in digital images, whether 2D or 3D display, certain surfaces and structures.

For example, for 3D graphics as seen in animated films or computer games textures for the objects needed. One need e.g. a wood texture for objects which are made of wood, you need textures that represent the structure of a wall, skin, stone, grass, etc. The textures are always mentioned as two-dimensional and are then applied to the 3D objects or inserted into 2D graphics.

Create textures with the help of photos

As already said, it is often very expensive to create textures themselves. It's easier if you created a texture with the help of a photo. In principle, this approach is not even worth an explanation. First, it seeks an object that has a suitable surface. Depending on how the texture should look like, it may be different objects or even to entire landscapes or landscape clippings.
texture photography 3d

Having found a suitable property, to make a quick photo of it or at least a matching portion of the object. In my case it was a package. The photo you load into a graphics editing software, to manage crop and edit it further. The processing steps may look different - it is all depends on what you want. In the picture below you see my edited texture that I've loaded the same in my digital paintings. Edited photo into many small right was cut to pieces. Each piece vice have a texture for a body part of the paper warrior dar. The parts I then further processed to match the shape of the figure (if you want to read the making of the paperwork.
texture photography 3d
texture photography 3d

I've saved by using the artwork as a texture a large piece of work. You can see how the paper looks like warriors without shading. So you can see the pure texturing, that have created from all parts. You see, it is very easy to create textures with the help of photos.

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