Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Make white teeth in photos

The actions in Adobe Photoshop Elements is actually quite simple. It invites you in that photo as the first Photoshop. Then they used an appropriate selection tool to the teeth to be white to highlight. Selection tools are for example the lasso, pen or the choice of the wand.

Now, if the corresponding tooth part is highlighted, open the menu "Customize Enhance> Color> Hue / Saturation". Reached to remove the yellow tint of the teeth, put the controller "saturation" as far to the left until the desired shade of the teeth. With the slider "Lightness", the teeth like a little lighter.

photography tips

It is possible that you can take those two settings already have the desired effect and has beautiful white teeth. If not, you can mask the area in question again and readjust separately in the "Hue / Saturation". Another possibility is the tool of "Dodge", which allows you to selectively lighten certain areas of the teeth.

Below you will find a comparison between the unprocessed image and the teeth whitened and brightened the tips

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