Sunday, November 20, 2011

Add color to your photos with Colorize

There are plenty of tools to give a special touch to your photos, some more complete than others and some more dedicated and complex. Colorize is a very simple application, serves to highlight just one area giving it color and making the single image with an artistic touch.

This method is often used in ceremonial events and images look good on any album. The application is available on the Mac App Store and it makes more than that, for those who do not need more than that and easily.

The application is simple and instant results. Easily the user will see the mechanics. The first frame, which is represented in the image below, is where to drag and drop the image you want to color and from there everything will be to your liking.


After loading the image, as seen below, the menus are few and simple. It represented from right to left, slide a thin Zoom to trace in detail and precision contour, has the Brush size is the size of the brush, the Uncolor decolorize, Colorize the coloring, the Redo, the Undo (commands known to restore and retrieve the latest changes) and save to save the final work.

Choose the target color and brush size and now it freehand. Various sites but can color how the image is represented in shades of gray, the ideal is a point to highlight that this is the reference. All work will be yours, detail and so the tools are displayed on top as the brush size and zoom. Highlights something significant and even go to the detail, you'll find it just as simple will "discover" the true color image.

Then you can get pictures very interesting and have more quality over the original image is preserved in this outcome. Store in the JPG size that matters, whatever it is.

Of course this could be some automation tool, mainly because there are already filters that detect similarities between tones and speed selection is also annoying to have to turn off the application whenever we want to load a new image ... but this will be the subject of course to make new versions think that the developer in creating.

For those who like to edit and enhance photos for amateur and have their own identity in an image, this is a simple application that works well. This image test result and was already here as wallpaper on my Mac a little "lice" I leave you suggestion.

License: Paid (PreƧ0 = € 2.39)
Operating Systems: Mac OS X
Download: Colorize 1.0.1 [1.4MB]
Homepage: Colorize

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