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New Lumix DMC-GX1 excellent with interchangeable lenses

Lumix DMC-GX1
The new Lumix DMC-GX1 offers excellent performance in quality and superior design. The Panasonic Lumix one adds more to its family of digital cameras with interchangeable lenses. The camera with high image quality and an impressive performance in response and function. The LUMIX G Micro System range is the new generation of photography that eliminates the mirror system, based on the new standard in digital photography that offers the quality of reflection, but a small size and light weight.

Making the most of the 16.0 Live MOS sensor and Venus Engine megapixels, the images captured in low light are of great quality. The AF system accuracy by contrast the LUMIX G achieves a speed of
approximately 0.09 seconds. It also improved the system of consecutive shooting for a full 16 megapixel resolution and 4.2 fps.

The LUMIX DMC-GX1 can record full HD video at 1920 x 1080 with stereo sound and in AVCHD format which allows for more efficient and easier to understand their reproduction in AV equipment. Its advanced AF system, which includes a practical continuous AF and AF Tracking is also available on video, so that every photographer will enjoy a
video recording in highest quality with minimal effort.

As a chamber belonging to the LUMIX G Micro System range, the exterior design was developed with attention to every detail. Support at the top allows you to set the tilt of the display (DMV-LVF2 optional) of approximately 1.4x (approximately 0.71), equivalent to 1.44 million points, 100% field of vision. In addition, to increase your income, is compatible with standard UHSI for SDXC memory card / SDHC.

High image quality in a camera with interchangeable lens system

The LUMIX G Micro System enables one to achieve high quality images, with very realistic detail thanks to its excellent resolution and color reproduction, high quality lenses and precision AF can provide high resolution and an optimal balance of it.

The Live MOS sensor 16.0 megapixel camera has an important role in the great result of the photographs. Con your circuit need, we managed to reduce the noise by over 66%. It should be noted that the DMC-GX1 reaches up to ISO 12800, ie, has the ability to adjust to high sensitivity. Thus, a result conseguese 200% better than with una camera with 12.1 megapixel sensor. This advanced system could improve the signal / noise (S / N) 6db getting adjusted to 9db in ISO3200 ISO6400. The result is a remarkably clear, even if they capture in dimly lit places.

Also, thanks to the signal processing in high speed CPU 3, the image processor Venus Engine has an excellent performance to reduce noise and obtain a higher image quality. This system separates chromatic noise from luminance noise even more accurately by applying the optimal noise reduction for each. One can capture
clear and beautiful images even when shooting at high ISO sensitivity levels.

By avoiding the mixture of colors that tends to appear around the edges, any chromatic noise, not only on the gradient but also on the contour, is described with clarity. Details are kept to an optimal synthesis of information, which is processed to give priority to solving the benchmark, and NR priority to make the image lighter.
Advanced focusing system

All LUMIX G Micro System cameras utilize the focusing system by contrast, which controls the focus by the image sensor, so no errors can occur mechanics and thus can be a sharp focus. The DMC-GX1 has the level of Light Speed ​​AF of approximately 0.09 seconds3, reducing the time of focus detection by doubling the transmission speed of 60 fps to 120 fps. Not only detection but also the speed exceeds the high-end digital SLR with AF by phase detection, thanks to the advanced contrast AF system of the DMC-GX1.

As a novelty, it was added so the FFA (Flexible AF) that blocks fcagem when the shutter button is half pressed, but if the object moves, the approach works for best results. Combined with Touch Control AF (Touch), focus on the subject is incredibly simple and fast, without losing the unique moment to take a picture. Taking advantage of the focusing system contrast with DMCGX1 it is possible to focus on any point of view.

The control system of the DMC-GX1 touch enables users to immediately focus on the subject by simply touching the LCD widescreen large size and 460,000 points and you can even capture a picture. Once fixed on the subject with a touch, the camera will follow, even if they move, thanks to the AF Tracking. The multi-area AF with 23 AF areas allows a select group of AF points depending on the type of composition. Moreover, the function Pinpoint AF incorporated in the DMC-GX1 facilitates a more accurate adjustment of focus to expand the area that will focus on. It is a great help for
example, to center the focus on the pupil of an eye.

Assist with the MF mode, you can expand a portion of the image by simply touching the screen, selecting 1x, 4x, 5x or 10x and moving it gently to the screen.
Easy control with a variety of manual shooting functions

Despite its exceptionally compact size is convenient and easy to use DMCGX1 due to the optimal design of the different buttons. The function of the configuration change is made with the two outer buttons and menus on the ledge two software direct reach. In addition, you can store up to a total of 4 different custom settings on the camera (for shooting in C1 a direct and
three C2).

Now the DMC-GX1 incorporates a level indicator that allows the camera to detect the angle of vision horizontal / vertical, something that gets through your inner level that works with the acceleration sensor. Thus, the pictures taken vertically are automatically show in this position with any lens that is used.

The newly built Push AE adjusts exposure to a single pulse of the Fn (Function) is as low or high luminance. It is especially useful to perform exterior or interior photographs that require a fast shutter speed. The zoom can be controlled manually when the zoom lens of contracts. The speed can be adjusted in two steps.
The best fit on each part of the chamber

As the camera LUMIX G Micro System range, the external design of the DMC-GX1 was manufactured without neglecting any detail. The exterior surface and ergonomic design make it easy to fix, since the resin material with which it was produced offers the feeling of comfort. Thus, the operation of the DMC-GX1 is very simple thanks to the optimal distribution of the new buttons and control dial. This new camera incorporates a support for an external flash or the new Live View LVF2 DMW-Zinder, which are optional accessories.
Quality of Full HD recording

The LUMIX G Micro System enables not only capture high quality pictures with the camera, but also record impressive videos. The AVCHD format provides almost double the recording time in HD quality than the conventional Motion JPEG format. A direct button at the top allows the user to start recording at the time while shooting photos without having to define any additional tuning. Now the DMC-GX1 can record videos in high resolution 1920 x 1080 Full HD AVCHD at 50i (sensor output is 25p). In addition to the practical constant AF, Touch AF function in video recording also allows users to achieve a near-professional focus. Also, the conversion function in practice extends to telephoto zoom range the maximum of 4.8 x without deteriorating the image quality with a lower resolution.

Beginners can also record high quality videos with the DMC-GX1, as the popular iA and iA Plus are also available in record mode. The image stabilizer (OIS) helps prevent the movement, even when using a high zoom. The control function blur iA mode lets you adjust the area of ​​background blur by simply moving a slider to highlight the subject. With AF Tracking, the DMC-GX1 can CentraRSE an object and keep it focused, even though this move.

On the other hand, the Intelligent D-range control allows to achieve an even more natural, optimizing exposure for each of the parts of the image, avoiding both the dark shadows as well lit areas and helping to ensure a perfect reproduction of gradation and details, including a sky blue color.

The function of automatic backlight compensation is activated whenever the camera detects that the subject is backlit and the Intelligent Resolution technology allows to achieve a more natural look and a more balanced sharpness in the details and contours. You can record sound Conmar in high quality Dolby ® Digital Stereo Creator. Also available is the Wind Cut function that allows you to block wind noise. The DMC-GX1 can take a photo during video integration simply pulse the shutter button. More: photos can be cut from the video and the unwanted part can be eliminated with the task of video division.

Movies can be recorded in MP4 format to play them directly on the PC or other electronic devices without having to convert.
Long battery life

By optimizing and streamlining the electrical design, the DMC-GX1 is noted for their energy consumption. The new Lumix battery lasts over 11% compared with its predecessor, the DMC-G3, which also has a battery DMW-BLD10. The DMC-GX1 is now capable of shooting 4.2 frames per second consecutive 16.0-megapixel full resolution with mechanical shutter. You can also select the high-speed shooting at 20 fps burst with the electronic shutter.

The LUMIX G Micro System cameras are equipped with a dust removal system with a highly efficient supersonic wave filter in front of the Live MOS sensor. The filter that vertically vibrates 50,000 times per second, effectively repels dust and dirt particles.
Artistic expression to the limit

The DMC-GX1 is artistic not only in form, but also in its functionality. It offers a range of functions that allow users to create their own images with a great expressive richness. For example, My Colour mode of the LUMIX G Micro System is renewed for the "Creative Control", allowing you to select the most used color modes; Expressive, Retro, high tone, sepia, high dynamic new way and Miniature Effect. On the other hand, Miniature Effect mode, the peripheral objects are blurred and we enhance the contrast and saturation, so that the image looks like a diorama. The extent and position of the blur zone can be adjusted depending on the composition of the image is in landscape orientation (landscape) or vertical (portrait). The video recorded in this mode plays in fast forward 10x, making your viewing becomes even more fun. Now you can adjust the exposure compensation mode Creative Control.

The so-called improved iA mode, resulting in the iA Mode Plus. In addition, the powerful functions of conventional support her taking pictures, the area of ​​blur, exposure compensation and white balance can be adjusted from the iA mode Plus. Works in both photography and in video recording mode.
3D images

In September 2010 presented to the market's first interchangeable lens camera with possibility of 3D photos. A great performance which also offers the DMC-GX1. The DMC-GX1 allows you to view captured images and videos on an SD card directly on the screen of a TV or DIGA Blu-ray by Panasonic VIERA Link, or from an HDMI cable.

With the DMC-GX1 offers the PHOTOfunSTUDIO 7.0 HD program, which lets you organize and easily edit photos and videos, as well as the SILKYPIX ® Developer Studio 3.1 to develop RAW files and Super LoiloScope
(Trial version).

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