Sunday, November 6, 2011

Canon announces the development of a new EOS camera

Canon EOS recently presented the C300, a video camera with high resolution for professional use. Building on the presentation of this camera, the Japanese company also announced the development of an EOS SLR camera which will enhance the video recording. This new model will feature a full frame CMOS sensor that will allow video recording with a 4K 24p frame rate and M-JPEG compression.

At the moment there is not much more information on this new model from Canon, about a possible release date, price or even the final product name. It does seem to be halfway between cameras like the EOS 5D Mark II, where the company already made ​​a strong bid for the video, and video cameras as part of the EOS Cinema System concept, including the new EOS C300.

In any case, if you are interested in the issue of Cinema Canon EOS concept, I recommend taking a look at the official website that Canon has created where we can see the new C300 Canon EOS camera and new lenses created for this product.

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