Sunday, November 6, 2011

Lomokino Super 35, analog camcorder

lomokino camera
We're used to Lomography cameras, but today we have been surprised by the presentation of Lomokino Super 35, an analog video camera that records onto 35 mm film. With it you can record short videos of 144 frames (36 to 48 seconds of video) and see them through the LomokinoScope, a viewer that is included in one of the packs.

Lomokino design clearly reminds older video cameras and its creators have called "lomography in motion", ie "lomography in motion." Only recorded image, no sound, and works with any 35 mm film. It also has a tripod mount, a 25 mm lens and an aperture between f/5.6 f/11 continuous.

Through the Lomography website be uploaded movies recorded with Lomokino Super 35 to share with the rest of the world LomoMovies section. So far already asked some professional videographers using Lomokino for any creation and break the ice. If you look at already have lots of videos captured with Lomokino.

We will have two basic options to acquire Lomokino. On the one hand, we may buy the camera loose for 65 euros. On the other hand, we can acquire it by the LomokinoScope for 89 euros. They also sell these same packs with different rolls of film at different prices.

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