Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How to choose the right camera for you

In today's market, there are numerous types of cameras which can make it difficult to choose. So before going out to buy a camera, try to define what will be its primary use. If your goal is to photograph small games, family trips or other situations, simply do not need to invest in a very sophisticated and expensive camera.

However, if its objectives go beyond that, consider buying an SLR or DSLR camera.

Compact cameras for beginners

In the past, how to classify a camera was in its resolution or megapixel count, but now no longer megapixel count determines the quality of the camera. Compact cameras for beginners are small, easy to use and have a lower cost, but can provide great results. They have a zoom usually three times the opening angle and have a small built-in flash.

Modern compact cameras

The modern camera is sleek, small and great finishes that mimic the metal. The ability of these cameras is comparable to compact for beginners but are more expensive due to the design know. Take care when buying because of its size may be too small for your hands. There are waterproof models in this category.

Compact cameras for enthusiasts

For those who like photography but has a limited budget this type of camera is a good option. The cameras in this range offer wider coverage angles, zooms with a focal length greater ability to record images in rough synchronization with studio flashes or accessories, are more resistant and has many accessories.

Cameras "prosumer"

The prosumer camera provides professional results but its strength, durability and accessories are not. They can do professional work provided they are not very demanding but they are compact and lightweight, they accept a wide range of accessories and have an optimal quality / price ratio.

Cameras "bridge"

The subject is seen on the LCD screen and the lens is fixed which means that no dust from the sensor. These cameras sometimes have zoom lenses with large ranges.

Reflex cameras or SLR (Single Lens Reflex)

Reflex or SLR cameras that the lens is interchangeable, ie, it is possible to have objective situation-specific and image framing is done through their own lenses. There is a mirror reflecting the image captured by the lens to the screen which gives the product a more accurate, because that is what really will be framed in the photo will come out.

They can be mechanical or electronic flashes and have built or not.

In a way usually have more resources and allow operations in manual mode, which gives the photographer full control of the photograph.

To make the best use of resources of the machine is advisable to take a course.

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