Saturday, January 28, 2012

Know what is focal length

The focal length of a lens is very important in photographic composition, this determines the area of a scene that the camera can "see" when looking at the viewfinder when taking a picture.

In all lenses, there is a number that indicates the focal length. A low number, always measured in mm, indicating a short focal-length lens. Known as a wide-angle, this type of lens allows a wide field of view. The wide angle is ideal for landscapes, landscapes, architecture and large groups of people.

Since the lenses with focal grid are called telephoto lenses. These provide a narrow field of vision, bringing it closer to the subject. It's great for when you want to see a theme, like an athlete in a stadium or a wild animal with the highest magnification possible, but you can not approach.

In practice enough to know that the longer focal length, the more the lens approaches the subject.

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