Monday, February 6, 2012

Child Photography - The essence of a good photo

Specializing in child photography has brought me great achievements in a short time, within the professional photography market. Today, we see how many photographers suddenly appeared on the market. Since the self dictated by those who have dedicated themselves to advanced vocational courses. And I believe that soon the market will self regulate and only those with a differential will keep this market is very competitive!

When I decided to photograph children, what really caught my attention was the possibility of immortalizing (perpetuate) the purity of their souls and the genuineness of their actions in the face of any situation. The children themselves are true, sincere and pure ... and we adults have much to learn from them.

Well, after deciding to work with children, I realized that the market was in need of professionals that focus exclusively in this niche market - the photography of children. And this time, I realized the great opportunity I had in hand, to build a career focused and objective.

In my short journey to photograph children, I learned some lessons that I share with you, and that has helped me gain a good market position.

The first is the focus
Focus on why, when you're new to the market and we want to show our work, you will see a little of everything and many times not to lose the opportunity, want to accept any work in any condition to show how we are "workhorse ". From the moment that I majored in PHOTOGRAPHY CHILD focused all my work and disseminate it, to bring me more clients in this niche. Learn to say no to jobs that do not match my proposal was the first step to position myself. Being steadfast in my goals and act to win the public who want to achieve is essential.

Coherence between Product Price x

You know how much you struggled to enter this market. Studies, very high investments in better equipment, hours in front of computer imaging, and all research that involves a new business. Yes, you should view this as your business! So it's time to set your price, more people consider you a beginner and should charge very cheap in order to get any work, is consistent with the product you deliver. It does not cover less than you are able to produce and even more than you can deliver! Do not increase your liability if you do not feel safe, but do not auction covering the competitor's offer just to get the job. Be consistent, build a portfolio of client based on his work, and your product. Show the value of it and not be insecure if you had 10 budgets but closed only one! That one which ended with you is more important, because you chose to photograph a important moment of his life.

Record what your heart feels and not only what the eyes see

I think that is the most important lesson was .. A good photographer takes with sensitivity. Sensitivity to this record than meets the eye. Record the time of starting a family during pregnancy, the baby in the belly, the birth of this child, the first tooth, the first steps, palminhas hitting, playing brothers ... Everything that happens in the depths of these families, they open for you, with confidence and expectations for you to record what they live better: LOVE.

So I believe that the more surrounded by good feelings, good energy and good company, we photographers children are, the more we will be able to see the best in people and that will be captured and shown in a natural way in our work.

Surrender to the child

Sit on the floor, lie on the grass, make a move "radical" and SHOOT! Children should be photographed up close, at the height of your eyes, your smile line. They will "talk" with you (even the little babies!) If you are on the same line that they .. and not when it is all they can see are your knees (enrugados!) and thin shins!

Tune in to the parents

After all, you will be entering the family home, in their bedroom and babies and this is an extremely intimate relationship! Introduce yourself before the session, select a coffee, go to them, learn about the environment, the closet, ask what music they like to hear, which rides like to do. Intimacy is essential for you to have time for spontaneous shooting.

When I read this sentence I immediately identified: "There is no secret in photography of people, except intimade" (William Allard)

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