Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nikon presents D3200

The new Nikon D3200 allows everyone can easily take beautiful photographs

Nikon introduced the D3200, a new D-SLR camera for beginners easy to use, equipped with a way to guide next generation with video in Full HD to deliver beautiful high quality photos and videos cinematic quality.
Nikon D3200

Marina Gurevich, Product Manager at Nikon Europe, said: "The D3200 comes in the wake of D-SLR camera sold most of Europe, the D3100. It is a powerful camera that offers a superior image quality, with an incredibly high megapixel count, as well as full HD video. For starters in D-SLR photography, it became easier to take spectacular photographs with how to guide that leads the user step by step through the photographic process with pictures and clear instructions. This is the ideal camera for those wanting to capture outstanding images effortlessly what interests them, such as family trips or spectacular. "

The D-SLR photography made easy

The Nikon D3200 is perfect for those looking to capture photos and video of high quality. Whether you are starting a family or about to embark on a great trip, easy to understand the functions of the D3200 camera means you can take beautiful pictures even if you never used a D-SLR camera before.

DSLR Nikon D3200
The Guide mode, already present in the popular D-SLR D3000 and D3100, is now also present in its third generation with significant enhancements to help you use the more creative options, leading him step by step through the entire process . Run in parallel, Assist Images (Wizard images) uses visual examples to help you identify the picture that is to imagine. Capturing portraits of beautiful blurred backgrounds or sharp photographs of their children to play has never been easy. Now, new items were added to the menu Advanced operation. For example, to help you increase the red sunsets or reduce the blur effect.

The Recognition System Nikon's Scene Auto will meticulously analyze the scene you're shooting and adjust the focus, exposure and white balance for best results. And if you want the camera do the work for you, there is still a large number of automatic functions such as Scene Auto Selector (Automatic Scene Selector) in scene modes and visualization that will directly apply the definition most relevant.
Superior image quality

The incredibly high 24.2 megapixel camera D3200 provide highly detailed images with details, which means it can cut or print your favorite full size, keeping the memories alive with no loss of image sharpness. The image processing Nikon's latest, fast and powerful EXPEED 3 provides a high speed operation, generating extremely sharp images with excellent color reproduction and enhanced movie recording. ISO 100-6400 (extendable to 12 800 equivalent) helps you to achieve sharp images even in dim lighting. The autofocus system is extremely accurate 11 points will ensure that everything is focused on providing clear results, even if your subject is not centered or is completely unpredictable, as your baby to smile or laugh. When shooting action to four images per second, the D3200 camera helps you capture fast moving objects, such as children to skate, just the right time.

If you are taking pictures in conditions of high contrast, backlit scenes such as the Active D-Lighting Nikon's lighting adjusts automatically while retaining the details in both bright and dark areas for stunning images with natural contrast .

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