Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Adobe Lightroom 4.1 RC2 Available for Download

This week Adobe released the download candidate 2 of version 4.1 of Adobe Lightroom. In addition to several bug fixes and support for some newer cameras, a new tool is available. Defringe, the removal of colored borders, beyond the already present removal of chromatic aberrations.

According to the official blog of Lightroom, these edges or fringes, usually visible on the edges of objects that present a stark contrast can be caused by several factors:

    - Lateral chromatic aberration (red edges and green, or blue and yellow)
    - Axial chromatic aberration (purple or green edges)
    - Internal reflections between the lens elements and / or sensor (ghost images)
    - Burden on CCD sensors (thin purple edges)

Automatic removal of chromatic aberrations of Lightroom 4.0 and the corresponding adjustments in Lightroom 3 are designed to eliminate the lateral aberrations. The menu Defringe (removing edges) versions of these solve the problem of overloading the CCD, but for other problems no solution so far in Adobe Lightroom.

The new controls in the latest version of the program were designed to solve the problems not yet addressed.

Adobe Lightroom 4.1 RC2 new control

The new controls consist of four sliding adjustments:

    Two controls intensity (amount)
    Two controls for hue (Purple and Green Hue Hue)

The intensity is from 0 to 20, and in a zero correction is turned off. The higher the value, the greater removal of edges. Beware of very high values ​​to not affect objects that have colors similar to the aberrations.

The tint controls limit the range of colors that will be affected by the removal of edges. Must be adjusted so that the tone of the edges to be removed is between the minimum and maximum values. It is recommended to use 100% zoom (1:1) when using these controls. It can also be used the ALT key (Option on Mac) while adjusting the controls to see only the affected areas.

To make easier adjustment, there is also an eyedropper tool. Its use is simple: just select the tool and click on the edge to be removed. The dropper will detect if the border is purple or green and automatically set the intensity and hue, or warn the user if you click on an area inappropriate.

adobe lightroom 4.1

Also included is a control "Defringe" in the brush and graduated filter adjustment. This control can be used to protect areas not to be affected by the removal of edges (using negative values) or enhance the removal of borders in some areas (positive values).

Despite being very stable, the RC2 version of Lightroom 4.1 should be used with the same care as a beta version: Bugs may still exist and there is no guarantee that the operation is perfect. This version is available for review at Adobe Labs in several languages ​​including Portuguese.
 Download Adobe Lightroom 4.1

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