Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Zoom Lens and Background Results

Sometimes we are more often taking a shoot a distant subjects using a zoom lens for close subjects. But did you know the background effect is produced ? Whether the use of the zoom lens can be used as a compositional aid ?

The use of a zoom lens from near and far distances to the subject are has great influence on the results of the background. For example, a subject that was shot with a short distance using a shorter focal length will produce a lot of background. The background will seem distant and small. This is very helpful for us who want to photograph subjects at once shows the environment around the subject is located.

While shooting from a distance using a long focal length will produce a background that contrary to the first way. This shot will produce a plain background and uncluttered that highlight the existence of a subject without a strong background.

Please you to experiment with different focal lengths for a different composition and a different perspective.

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