Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Little Tips for Photographing Fireworks at New Year Party

Year 2011 will soon take us to leave in 2010, mostly in cities around the world will welcome the move this year with the fireworks. Too bad if we miss this wonderful moment without images. Little tips to get good fireworks photography.

Adjust the camera using a long shutter speed
The use of long shutter speed setting will be very helpful to capture the movement and the formation of fireworks. You can try to set the shutter speed for about 5-10 seconds or even longer to catch some fireworks in action. Enable Bulb (B) mode to open the shutter for more than 30 seconds.

Use the manual mode
The use of automatic mode which mostly done to produce the effect to freeze the subject in the photo will produce dark and unclear images.

Use a tripod and self-timer (remote)
Tripod will be very useful to maintain the stability of camera when shooting fireworks that is moving to avoid camera shake when pressing the shutter button. The use automatic timers or remote will support it.

Set a low ISO such as 100, 200 and illuminate close subjects such person with a flash. Find a well-positioned to be able to get the perfect background. When a subject in the shots is fireworks only and it has a distant background, you should set the lens to infinity.

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