Sunday, March 13, 2011

Unique Background using Easily Obtainable Materials

One way to make a photo more interesting, lively, and full of art is to provide a unique background. You can use the background materials are cheap and easily obtained using vintage materials. Adding a 3D materials for hard textures will create a typical backdrop screen.
Old bricks
The old bricks will offer color and hard textures with unique personality. Bricks is always a choice for the photographer to the uniqueness of their shoot background as an authentic impression. You can walk around in your neighborhood to get old or damaged buildings featuring brick textures.

Old wood or wood materials used
Just like a bricks, wood also has a strong texture but softer. You can easily create a background with wood from a wooden fruit crates or vegetable boxs from a hard wood material. You can just compile them with different variations and positions. The uniqueness of wood texture that is never equal to each other, scratches, and former hammer blow will give the appearance of an authentic background.

Texture on the ceilings
Vintage tin ceiling of farm houses can be a mirror, frame or a beautiful reflection. Try to put it as your subject background to bring the charm of a beautiful pattern and texture. As an easy alternative, you can use tiles with patterned and hard textured.

Photo by Peter Ashton

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Patricia said...

Photographic backdrops can indeed enhance images a great deal. It's a little tricky and challenging but with practice, patience and an artistic eye, you'll be well on your way to turning simple photos into works of art.

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