Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Engineers found a single lens to display small object 3D images

New breakthrough in the world of optics which allows a microscopic object can be shot into 3-dimensional images. Engineers at Ohio State University have successfully created a stationary lens that produces 3D images of microscopic as well can be seen from nine different angles.

The engineers made ​​prototype a lens using a very precise cutting machine to create a lens which is only a finger nail. But another cheaper way also can be done using traditional moulding techniques. In addition, they also have created a grid-shaped array of lenses that can be adjusted to an optical sensor.

Allen Yi, associate professor of integrated systems engineering at Ohio State, and postdoctoral researcher Lei Li, have tested a lens to shoot 3D images on a ballpoint pen tip which has 1mm diameter and the results were amazing. They also plan to develop this technology for the wider interests such as for facilities in the field of medical devices or all devices with a small lens.

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Turbguy said...

ahhh... this a breakthrough? Single lens stereomicroscopy has been used in endoscopes and other applications for over a 50 years!

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