Saturday, April 9, 2011

Practice to find any subject for photography

Train your eyes to find the subject of a photography can be done by walk along a region in towns and villages. Do not forget to bring a camera with one lens to shoot with a distance between 3-5 meter.

To determine where you will stop to shoot, do a random stop. To be more nauseated you can invite a friend or someone who do not understand photography to determine the point of stopping to take pictures. Then you'll start looking for something good to be shot around the place.

The possibility that you can enter subjects such as finding an event somewhere, a unique human being, a detailed architecture, ancient or texture of an object used wood, old trees, insects and flowers. When you are using DSLR limit yourself to one lens but experiment with a different lens each time to get more interesting exercise. Your task is to make something ordinary into extraordinary with angle variations, shallow depth of field, or create a digital darkroom.

Do it all without the burden or pressure so you can more explore your ideas. And begin to create an art of your photography on every trip.

photo by: Valerie Jardin

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