Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Recognize the benefits of color in a photography

We sometimes forget the importance of the role of color in a photography and more focus on technical or other rules in photography, so do not be wrong if even if you have been feeling to do the right but still not provide perfect results. Therefore, do not forget the role of a color in your photo to produce works in accordance with your wishes.

Color can transform a simple picture becomes more interesting. Color can also be used to demonstrate the theme of a picture like the theme of sadness, joyful, mysterious, melancholy and as emotional communication which can arouse the viewer's mood.

So how do we get to control the color? We can indirectly control the color using the landscape that will change according to the weather or day. We can use natural or artificial lighting to control the color. The shot angle variation can be used for the color patterns composition. We can also change the style and color of clothing worn by the object. For color manipulation in detail you can use the post processing stage.

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