Monday, October 24, 2011

Image design - framework and format

There are many different methods to make artistic photographs. One type of design is the variation of photo frames and format. This guide describes how to apply the scope and format of a photo creatively.

The first part will receive a photograph already within the boundaries of the viewfinder or the display of the camera. The aspect ratio here is usually 3:2. This refers to the ratio between the width and height of the image. Even with this ratio can be taken as a photographer very big impact on the overall effect of a photograph. Below you will find some typical formats for photos:

3:2 Format - The standard format
Actually, there is no aesthetic reason that the 3:2 format is as prevalent. Other formats that are less stretched look, often aesthetic. The historical reason for the 3:2 aspect ratio is used in the earlier films.

4:3 - Thick formats
The 4:3 picture format and other higher format often affect us more natural, because they are easier to detect with the naked eye. Many digital compact cameras is the 4:3 picture format is the standard format.

5:1 panoramic format
The panoramic format is a particularly interesting and often impressive design option for photos. It is very suitable for landscape photography and architecture. In order to create panoramic photos with high quality, it is usually necessary to slice up several photos together. Many digital cameras offer special features that enable you to create panoramic photos.

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