Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Manipulate photos

In this photo course in digital image processing can learn how to retouch photos can be manipulated with Adobe Photoshop. With retouching / manipulation while the removal of heads, all the people or any other unwanted objects is meant in a photograph. To manipulate photos in this way is not as difficult as you will see.

Remove unwanted objects from photos

Unwanted objects we find in our photographs are not rare, especially if it is to take a snapshot. In the example photo below, the two men in the center of the image disturbing "objects" - not that we have something personally against the men, but in this picture they disturb times now :-).

A helpful tool to retouch photos in Adobe Photoshop is the copy-stamp. With it, you paint a selected area so to speak, from a copy. He works as follows: One simply holds the Alt key and click in the area that you want to copy. Then you can release the Alt key and simply painted into the area in which you want to reproduce the copy.

With photo retouching, where you want to remove an item, you paint over the unwanted object that is simply something else. We use in this example, the clone stamp. Paint our picture or we can copy the image fragments other men just like the castle, the lawn, path or flowers. Is painted over in the pictures below you can see how the man on the left side of step-by-step using the Clone Stamp tool in Adobe Photoshop.

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